Creativity and Innovation

With this new initiative, the GCSP intends to foster creativity and innovation across its thematic programmes and fields of activities. GCSP’s mission highlights one central goal: providing forward-looking, fresh and imaginative solutions for leaders and policymakers concerned with international security.

By launching the Creativity & Innovation Initiative, the GCSP aims at enhancing the capability of officials, officers and executives to effectively address global challenges of advancing peace, security and international cooperation worldwide.

Overall, the Creativity & Innovation Initiative aims at creating spaces where different cultures, domains, disciplines and generations stream together and build on each other to gain insights to new ways of thinking and generate new ideas.

Under the umbrella of the Creativity & Innovation Initiative, the GCSP offers specialised courses, conducts cutting-edge research, and provides a vibrant platform for discussions.

Rooted in the Creativity & Innovation Initiative, the Global Fellowship Initiative brings together in an open space diplomats, military officers, leaders from the nonprofit and profit sectors, scientists, journalists and even artists. They come from around the world – women and men of all ages – to share their experience and exchange ideas. The Global Fellowship Initiative represents a unique multidisciplinary cross-generational approach to facilitating dialogue and exchange.

The Initiative and the Geopolitics and Global Futures Programme also award the annual Innovation in Global Security Prize. This prize was developed to recognize excellence in new ideas and contributions to the field of sustainable global security.


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