Geopolitics and Global Futures Programme

In today’s ever-evolving globalised landscape, it is important to look at both which issues are currently the most pressing, as well as those that are poised to become future challenges.

The Geopolitics and Global Futures Programme aims to identify and analyse these emerging issues so that national and global actors have the necessary tools to be proactive rather than reactive, while maintaining peace, security, prosperity, dignity and equality for all.

The Programme strives to provide an analysis of the broad range of factors that will shape tomorrow’s world under 5 themes:

  • emerging strategic technologies: their implications for geopolitics, security, civil liberties, artificial intelligence and run-away technologies, synthetic biology, human enhancement, and human destiny
  • outer space: space security, space weaponisation, space debris, astrobiology and their role in the future of humanity
  • new international relations paradigms: neo-statecraft, meta-geopolitics, symbiotic realism, multi-sum security, and sustainable national and global governance
  • neuroscience and international relations: emotionality of states, identities, inequality, human nature, universal axiology, and human dignity
  • the five dimensions of global security: human, national, transnational, environmental and transcultural security

Its primary aim is to analyse these areas through the lens of human dignity as being central to any sustainable governance system. The Programme strives to develop an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to these issues that draws from both classical science and the humanities. It is our belief that only through stimulating interdisciplinary discourse can one begin to develop strategic foresight for a rapidly changing world.

The Programme focuses mainly on research and publication. It also fosters events and discussions in order to bring together relevant actors from a variety of fields, encouraging them to generate new ideas.

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The Programme for Geopolitics and Global Futures is under the direction of Professor Nayef Al-Rodhan, Senior Fellow at the GCSP and Honorary Fellow of St. Antony's College at Oxford University, UK.

For additional information on Professor Al-Rodhan's publications and ideas, please see:

Head of Programme

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