Gender and Inclusive Security Course

Equity, Power and Inclusion: decolonisation and localisation - Seminar 2024


This seminar is designed to bring together leaders in peace, security, humanitarian and governance sectors who are seeking to lead equity, power and inclusion more effectively. 

At this inflection point where ‘business as usual’ risks growing inequality, division and environmental destruction, we need to support all human talent and potential to work collaboratively and constructively. Yet human empowerment is often approached with a western mindset and world view, not recognising the value of different world views, religious beliefs and indigenous knowledge.

This seminar is designed to create a safe and brave space for practitioners to consider questions of equity and power and inclusion through the lens of decolonisation.  To what extent are our peacebuilding, development and humanitarian practices still driven by western world views?  Where does localisation fit into this conversation?  How do we effectively ensure that the dignity, agency and power of local actors is fully realised?