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Security dialogue with the South Korean Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security

12 July 2019
Security Dialogue with South Korea of Foreign Affairs

Security dialogue with the South Korean Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security

The GCSP hosted a new round of security dialogue with the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security (IFANS), affiliated to the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Korea, on 9 July 2019 in Geneva. Both institutions have been holding a security dialogue for several years, alternatively in Geneva and Seoul, in line with the GCSP policy of promoting dialogue with all Korean actors, from the South and the North of the Peninsula.

The discussions at GCSP centered on the recent developments on the Korean Peninsula, in particular the inter-Korean relations and the prospects of new developments on the nuclear issue, after the failure of the Hanoi Summit between the US and North Korea. The IFANS delegation, led by its acting president, Prof. Jun Bong-Geun, presented the various options ahead, especially elements required for further progress in the negotiation, and the risks associated with a breakdown of the negotiation process. The participants also examined the context of the current suspension of North-South dialogue.

Besides, the participants looked into the developments in Europe, the relations between Europe and the US in the context of the US-China strategic rivalry, the US policies regarding international trade, the Iranian nuclear issue, and the role of the alliances. They also examined the European and Asian dimensions of the great-power strategic rivalry and the threats that it implies over the world affairs, in particular in terms of the maintenance of the multilateral and rules-based world order. The exchanges, hold in a very good atmosphere, were very rich and open.