20th NISC Opens - Addressing Today’s and Tomorrow’s Security Issues
20th NISC Opens - Addressing Today’s and Tomorrow’s Security Issues

The 20th New Issues in Security Course (NISC) officially opened on 7 May 2019 at the GCSP

The 20th NISC, running from 6 May to 28 June 2019 is focused on “Mapping Today’s Security Environment to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges”. The course puts an emphasis throughout on human and state security, the interlinkages between issues, and the value of adopting a more forward-looking approach in international security.

To highlight:

Participants: The course brings together a diverse group of twenty-three participants in terms of both geographical representation and institutional perspectives, leading to a rich opportunity for exchange amongst the participants. This includes participants from such countries as China, Finland, Mali, and Ukraine and such organisations as the African Union and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

Knowledge & Skills: The course both covers such topics as global health security; emerging technologies; terrorism and organised crime; conflict prevention, managing conflict and sustaining peace; and global and regional governance. Skill-building sessions are held on strategic foresight, crisis management, and negotiation – for example.

In addition to knowledge and skills’ focused sessions, the NISC group will visit the ICRC, UNOG, and CERN.

In 2019 the NISC is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a number of special activities over the next months. Stayed tuned for further news and announcements on this anniversary!