5 things you should know about cyber security
5 things you should know about cyber security

Cyber security will be needed as long as we live in a digital society.

Hackers have been targeting critical infrastructure, technological devices, power grids, multinational companies and even water purification systems for years. We need to be prepared for the fact that they are not going away, and that their malicious activities will inevitably increase. 

Here are five things you should know about cyber security.


1. Hackers have access to billions of personal records

From January to March 2018, 15 million records were hacked each day. This led to a total of 1.4 billion records being stolen over a three-month period. Forecasts suggest that cyber criminals are expected to steal an estimated 33 billion records in 2023 alone. Online users should educate themselves so that they can make smart decisions and identify potential risks. 


2. Mobile targeting is on the rise

Malicious software targeting mobile devices is increasingly on the riseThis 2019 report by Verizon states that “18% of people who clicked on malicious links did so on mobile devices”, and that mobile users are more “susceptible to phishing” than users on other interfaces. This means that one in five mobile users click on malicious links, and that third-party mobile app stores hosted 99.9% of all mobile device malware.


3. You could be the entry point 

Data suggests that 1 in 14 users are tricked into clicking on a malware link and 25% of those end up becoming the victims of future attacks. Be careful what you click on when you receive emails from addresses you do not recognise or text messages from numbers you do not recognise. 


4. Anyone can be a target

Government, military and financial sectors are at the highest risk. A common myth is that cyber security should only apply to tech companies, yet an average US business is attacked 4 million times per year. An average US financial firm is attacked 1 billion times per year. As a result, the US government budgeted $15 billion for cyber security in 2019 in order to prepare to deal with attacks and invest in preventive solutions.


5. Jobs in cyber security are rapidly increasing

The demand for cyber security experts has increased by 192% since September 2016, with 1.5 million jobs having been advertised between that date and December 2018. Employers are searching for an extremely wide range of skill sets that fit this growing demand. 


Other interesting facts: 

  • The average cost of a data breach to a company worldwide is $3.86 million

  • The average time it takes to identify a data breach is 196 days


Our advice is to educate yourself through online training in order to be able to recognise if you or your company is susceptible to malicious cyber attacks. You should explore training courses that give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with cyber-lingo, and to learn how to identify hacks and implement effective security measures that keep you and your company safe. 


Our “Meeting the Cyber Security Challenge” course explores the range of security issues facing the wireless world – from cyber weapons to cyber sovereignty – so that you can develop creative solutions relevant to your context. 

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