GCSP Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023

GCSP Annual Report 2023

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) presents its 2023 Annual Report. In 2023 the GCSP remained steadfast in its mission to address the ever-evolving complexities of international security. Amid the ongoing turbulence of global conflicts, we upheld our commitment to fostering inclusive dialogue, executive education, and the exchange of ideas to generate solutions to complex problems.


Message from the President and the Executive Director

Geopolitical strains between Russia and the West have been escalating, reaching a level of precariousness not seen since the Cold War, and the constant threat of intentional or accidental escalations looms, heightening the sense of risk and impacting energy security, cyber security, and the humanitarian situation.

The complex US-China relationship, the Israel-Hamas war, the conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, and instability and violent conflicts in many parts of the world have shown the necessity for increased efforts from all stakeholders to keep the channels of communications open. In 2023 the GCSP continued to provide a safe space for diplomatic dialogue on a wide range of difficult issues, from the Arctic to Syria, and from relations between Russia and the West to fostering greater regional cooperation in the Balkans. These efforts are not always visible and require a high degree of discretion and sensitivity. But they are crucial at a time when even talking to the other side is so risky. The GCSP’s reputation as a trusted partner for peace and a facilitator of dialogue makes it a valuable and increasingly rare space where people of goodwill can work towards peace in a highly polarised world. 

Other issues such as climate risks, the weaponisation of space, and the impact of artificial intelligence pose major challenges to international security and global stability and governance. The GCSP remains actively engaged in policy discussions and strategic anticipation activities focused on the future of peace and war and the reform of the multilateral system. 

To equip leaders with the knowledge and skills to deal with instability, complexity, and a cascading series of interconnected threats and challenges, we have expanded our portfolio of Executive Education offerings. By providing a safe space for dialogue, learning, and experience sharing among participants from a widely diverse range of backgrounds, we have facilitated constructive discussions on pressing security issues and helped to bridge communication gaps between all relevant actors. Thanks to innovative technology and flexible delivery methods, in 2023 we ensured that leaders were equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate crises and reshape the international
system. Furthermore, our blended learning approach not only strengthens inclusivity, but also reduces our carbon footprint.

In addition to our dialogue and education initiatives, the GCSP has remained committed to producing high-level insights and knowledge through thematic publications and public conferences. Our GCSP Prize for Transformative Futures in Peace and Security underscores our dedication to fostering creativity and innovation. A growing number of events open the Centre’s doors to the wider public, raise our profile and expand our networks. 

While the world situation may seem daunting, our view is that people make peace and security possible. This annual report shows how at the GCSP we bring together people from widely differing backgrounds to seek solutions to global challenges and build relationships, networks, and trust across political divides to promote peace, security, and international cooperation. This task is more important than ever.