Happy New Year 2020
Happy New Year 2020
Happy New Year 2020

2020 is a special year for us, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Over the past 25 years, we have welcomed over 8,000 course participants, hosted more than 10,000 event attendees and, through our network, more than 100,000 global connections have been made. In 2020, we will reflect on how the GCSP has evolved into what it is today. At the same time, we will look ahead and prepare to seize new opportunities.

As an international foundation serving a global community of individuals and organisations, it has become clear that people make peace and security possible. Our mission is to advance peace, security and international cooperation. We provide the knowledge, skills and network for effective and inclusive decision-making.

We believe that successful and forward-thinking leaders and organisations need to build a broad picture of what is happening in an increasingly connected world. We unravel the intricacies of geopolitics and help leaders develop new skills along with the agility to lead in times of tumultuous change. We create an inclusive environment for our global community from 184 nations and a variety of sectors to come together to exchange ideas and develop sustainable solutions for a more peaceful future.


Be a part of our journey to create a safer world as:

  • We educate: We equip individuals and organisations across sectors to learn and lead through online, blended and customised courses, workshops and advisory services
  • We facilitate: We facilitate public discussions, conferences, executive events and breakfasts, and offer an inclusive and impartial platform for diplomatic dialogue and exchange
  • We analyse: We provide timely, relevant and usable global insights for our community. Events, interviews and publications are amplified through our digital platforms
  • We inspire: We host officials and executives in transition from diverse horizons and incubate projects in our Creative Spark. We reward innovation and research through scholarships and prizes
  • We connect: Our global, diverse and ever-growing community and nurture lifelong connections. We foster dialogue through mutual understanding to support international peace and security
  • Support inspired individuals and accelerating promising projects: Our model breaks down silos, draws on practitioners’ experiences and forms a unique community of people, ideas and innovative approaches
  • Boost our growing, vibrant and global community: Join us as a participant, expert, fellow or partner and engage with our influential global community


We thank you for your collaboration and we look forward to working with you in 2020. As we celebrate 25 years together, join us on a journey to create a safer world.