Prepare yourself for 2020 and beyond
Prepare yourself for 2020 and beyond
Prepare yourself for 2020 and beyond

How will you prepare yourself to face the challenges ahead in 2020 and beyond?

By Ambassador Christian Dussey and Ms Christina Orisich

We are living in a period of incredible transformation at all levels and across all fronts.

The technological and environmental changes we are undergoing are exponential, and geopolitical tensions are rising. We need to radically rethink how we can address the challenges we face today – and in the future.

As we celebrate the GCSP’s 25th anniversary this year, we realise that not only has the world evolved significantly since the Geneva Summit in 1985, the first meeting between President Ronald Reagan of the United States and General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to discuss international diplomatic relations and the arms race during the Cold War. This laid the foundation for the creation of the GCSP, but so has the GCSP itself. Staying true to our mission, our aim is to take individuals and organisations on a transformative journey to create a safer world.

Given the complex interconnected nature of security challenges, to successfully achieve this we constantly adapt our portfolio of open-enrolment and highly customised courses to reflect the key topics that allow our course participants – diplomats, government officials, military officers, international civil servants, aid workers and managers of multinational corporations – to utilise a holistic approach to best address the most pressing challenges in international security.

Experience shows that effective, forward-looking leaders and resilient organisations have a deep understanding of the intricacies of geopolitics and the impact of disruptive technologies; they develop expertise in specific areas and regularly enhance their leadership skills. They prioritise continuous learning as an essential means to keep individuals and organisations agile and responsive in times of complex and wide-ranging transformation.

Through our increase in diversity, both in terms of expertise and the geographical backgrounds of staff members and experts, the renowned GCSP Way has become even more impactful. It provides a unique learning experience resulting from the interactions of leading world-class experts, renowned practitioners and highly experienced peers from over 184 countries. Together, we can leverage the power of diversity and inclusiveness, find patterns and opportunities in the seeming chaos of modern life, and collectively create a safer world.

We can’t turn back the clock to simpler times – but we can help you to gain those key insights, build powerful communities and develop the necessary tools to lead in a turbulent new world.

Ambassador Christian Dussey

Ms Christina Orisich