Expert Profile

BG Marcel Erwin Amstutz
Position(s) Senior Defence Advisor Swiss Armed Forces at GCSP (SDA SAF GCSP)

Marcel Erwin Amstutz was appointed Commander of the Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) Brigade 33 in 2008 and promoted to Brigadier General at the same time. During his nine years in command, he was responsible for training and operations of the entire GBAD. During his command, GBAD was deployed to protect international conferences in Basel, Bern, Davos and Geneva, and conducted exercises in cooperation with German GBAD units in Germany and Crete.

In 2017, Brigadier General Marcel Amstutz was sent to Brussels as the Military Representative (Mil Rep) of the Swiss Armed Forces to NATO and the EU, where he provided representation for three and a half years.

With his experience as a Brigade Commander and from the multinational environment in Belgium, Brigadier General Marcel Amstutz was given the role of Chief of Staff of the three-star Training and Education Command from July 2020 to September 2023. During this period, one of the main challenges was to maintain the education and training of the Swiss Armed Forces during COVID 2020 to 2022 without interruption to aliment the Swiss Armed Forces.

On 1 October 2023, Brigadier General Marcel Amstutz took up his current position as Senior Defence Advisor, representing the Swiss Armed Forces at the GCSP and ensuring, as Course Director, the education of national and international courses and seminars in the fields of security policy and defence. He is also responsible for Partnership for Peace (PfP) activities in cooperation with the DDPS and the GCSP.