Expert Profile

Colonel (GS) Gian Domenico Curiale
Position(s) Director, Centre Support and Development Department, Chief of Staff

Colonel (GS) Gian Domenico CURIALE was seconded to the GCSP from the Swiss Armed Forces in March 2024. Serving as our Chief of Staff, he is responsible for the governance & coordination of Centre activities and the operational strategy and development of GCSP. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, Gian Domenico also heads our Support and Development Department.

Prior to joining the GCSP, Gian Domenico was commander of the Military Police Basic Training Unit in Sion. He was responsible for planning, steering, training execution and education of troops up to the rank of Company Commander for the Military Police & Protection Forces. His Unit in Sion successfully trains and posts over 1’200 conscripts annually into active assignments.

Previous to this appointment, Gian Domenico was Deputy Chief of Readiness Management & Training on the Joint Operational Command Staff, responsible for designing, implementing and steering a comprehensive lessons-learned process.

At the Command and Staff Officer School between 2015 and 2019, he provided military leadership training for prospective company and battalion commanders and their staff assistants, and also taught specific courses for assistants of major units subsequently he supported the implementation of a new Executive Education Program.

His professional military career began in 2002 as an infantry instructor after he graduated from the Yverdon Engineering School and worked within the private sector. He successfully graduated from the Swiss Armed Forces Military Academy at the ETH Zurich, Command and General Staff College and from the French War College (École de Guerre ) in Paris.

Gian Domenico is a native of the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland and in addition to his mother tongue, he is fluent in French, (Swiss-)German and English.

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20 June 2024