Expert Profile

Ms Adiba Qasim
Position(s) Freelance journalist from the Sinjar district in northern Iraq

Ms Adiba Qasim is a Young Leader in Foreign and Security Policy within the Global Fellowship Initiative of the GCSP. Adiba Qasim is a freelance journalist from the Sinjar district in northern Iraq. For the past four years Adiba has been working with humanitarian NGOs and international media on different subjects related to the 2014 genocide. She has given voice to the stories of the women and children who had survived the ISIS massacre, in addition to working on cases of child soldiers who had been brainwashed and recruited by ISIS after August 2014. She also followed and covered the military actions leading to the liberation of the cities of Mosul and Sinjar. In 2017 Adiba was a speaker at the Global Shapers gathering in Iraq, meeting different communities and working on peacebuilding.