Expert Profile

Ms Annika Hilding Norberg
Position(s) Head of Peace Operations and Peacebuilding

Ms Annika Hilding Norberg joined the Geneva Centre for Security Policy in 2017 where she is leading the work on peace operations and peacebuilding with a specific focus on dialogue, research and policy development, and education and training. She serves on the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform Management Committee.

Prior to joining the GCSP, she was the Director of the International Forum for the Challenges of Peace Operations (CF), a joint platform of 22 countries, incl. the 5 Permanent Members of the UNSC for 21 years. The aim of the Forum was to strengthen the planning, conduct, evaluation of and support for UN peace operations. Founded in 1996 as part of her research studies at the London School of Economics and Political Studies (LSE), Ms Norberg coordinated the Forum based at the LSE, the Swedish National Defence College and the Folke Bernadotte Academy, an agency of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ms Norberg is main editor of more than 80 Forum reports and policy briefs. Key focus areas in recent years were the CF contributions to the UN-led development of the Principles and Guidelines for UN Peacekeeping, the Strategic Guidance Framework for International Police Peacekeeping, and the Considerations for Mission Leaders in UN Peacekeeping Study. In 2008, Ms Norberg was awarded the Silver Medal of the Swedish Royal Academy of Military Science for her contributions to strengthening UN peacekeeping.