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Equality, peace and security: creating a new normal

An Article by Fleur Heyworth

Release Date:

March 2018

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‘Equality, peace and security : creating a new normal’ by Ms Fleur Heyworth, the GCSP’s Gender and Inclusive Security Cluster leader, will be published in the March 2018 edition of the ‘UN Special’ Magazine.

The article discusses how society is to establish a new norm in the face of growing mistrust, increasing inequality and insecurity. Ms Heyworth writes, ‘the point at which new norms are created is when socially acceptable behaviour becomes unacceptable, or, more positively, what was thought impossible becomes possible.’

She proposes concrete ideas on how to generate a new norm through significant mindset shifts by first, seeing the problems, second, having the courage to act, and third, designing change and being creative. She also addresses the tough question, what are the implications of the #metoo movement for equality, peace and security?


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