Catalogue 2022


The challenges and opportunities we face today and in the years ahead require a new mindset and continuous upskilling. Are you ready?

In this Catalogue you will find a range of more than 70 high quality executive education offers. The 2022 list of learning journeys were carefully selected to include the cutting edge issues in global peace and security that you and your organisation care about. By attending our courses, you will

  • Become equipped to lead and shape a changing world
  • Learn to anticipate emerging challenges
  • Apply the tools needed to rethink geopolitics
  • Contribute to building a resilient and peaceful world
  • Gain lifetime access to a global network of diverse experts

Our executive education offerings provide solutions to global challenges by combining the knowledge of leaders, insights of experts and experience of practitioners. The methodology applied in each course considers a holistic approach and unpacks global issues from a variety of angles. This is what we call “The GCSP Way”.