Examining Global Security Challenges Impacting Europe
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Examining Global Security Challenges Impacting Europe

259 is the number of combined years of career experience of the 2020 European Security Course (ESC). This number is known as the “collective intelligence” For the next two months, 23 participants from 23 countries will test their knowledge, skills and expertise in a pressure cooker of culture, analysis and co-creation.

For the past two decades the ESC has been deepening security professionals’ understanding of the security policy challenges that impact Europe. As one of our esteemed Advanced Courses’ the ESC provides a comprehensive approach to developing your knowledge, skills and network. It prepares you for decision-making positions in peace and security. It enables you to advance in your career, be it in government, the private sector, international institutions, or other agencies engaged in security-related policy planning and decision-making.



An eight-week learning journey awaits our new cohort. It is a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of European security issues in the broader international security context. It examines current trends and challenges in both hard and soft security, the European Union’s interests and impact, regional security architecture relevant to Europe (the EU, NATO and the OSCE), and key state actors. It also analyses Europe’s interaction with and impact on its neighbours and other regions of the world, such as the Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America. Relevant transnational challenges are explored, including migration, terrorism and energy security.


ESC photo“A well thought out curriculum, encompassing all the cardinal objectives set for the course is being presented, taught and practiced in a cordial environment befittingly. It definitely has increased and enhanced my understanding regarding Global Security Challenges in general and European Security in particular”. – European Security Course participant, 2019



The next edition is in 2021. I am interested!

Course Focus 

  • Key Global Security Challenges
  • The European Security Architecture
  • Beyond the European Context 

Regional Modules

  • Wider Europe
  • Europe, the Middle East and North Africa
  • Europe and sub-Saharan Africa
  • Europe and Asia
  • Europe and Latin America

This course offers you a unique opportunity to: 

  • GRASP how global security trends impact Europe
  • ANALYSE how Europe interacts with the world on security issues
  • ENHANCE your skills to increase your effectiveness as a practitioner
  • NETWORK with a wide community of security policy professionals European Security Course (ESC)