Expert Profile

Mr Christian Schwab
Position(s) Head of Marketing and Communications

Christian Schwab is Head of Marketing and Communications and, together with his team, takes care of the GCSP's positioning, brand promise and brand communication. He is keen to promote GCSP’s services and offers, but also the publications and scientific contributions as well as the dialogue for peace and security policy worldwide with various marketing tools.

Christian joined the GCSP in June 2021. Previously, he held numerous marketing and management positions in the private sector, mainly in tourism. He spent 17 years with Swiss International Airlines and, as Head of Marketing and Distribution, was considerably involved in the airline's commercial success at its Geneva base. He has broad knowledge in brand management and commercial distribution of services and products. He has also contributed to the development of significant service and product innovations. In his career, he has acquired knowledge in both strategic and operational marketing.

His international career took him from Germany via the United Arab Emirates to Switzerland, where he spent a long time in Zurich before moving to Western Switzerland.

Christian studied tourism marketing in Baden-Baden, later completed an MAS degree in marketing management at the University of Basel and will soon complete his bachelor's degree in contemporary history at the Distance Learning University of Switzerland.

His mother tongue is German, he is fluent in English and French and has basic knowledge of Spanish.