Expert Profile

Mr Jean-Paul Rouiller
Position(s) Manager, Terrorism-Joint Analysis Group (T-JAG) at the GCSP

Jean-Paul Rouiller was born on April 8, 1967 in Saint Maurice, Switzerland. He worked for the Swiss Federal Office of Police (Fedpol) from December 2003 to January 2010, creating the first Counter-terrorism Unit within the Swiss Federal Criminal Police (SFCP). He then developed the structures and concepts of the first counter-terrorism analysis unit of the SFCP (in charge of intelligence collection and risk analysis in the field of counter-terrorism and terrorism).

In 1994, Mr Rouiller joined the Swiss Intelligence Service as a junior country analyst. By 1996, Rouiller had taken responsibility for all terrorism files; these encompassed, among others, Radical Islamic organizations, the ‘ethno-nationalists’ groups (eg. IRA, PKK, LTTE or ETA) and the remnants of the far-left (eg. 17N phantom group in Greece). On a more technical level, he worked on a project dedicated to the research and treatment methods of both open and classified information (including the technique of cascading), as specifically applied to the field of terrorism. He was also involved in creating the first comprehensive anti-terrorism database used by the Swiss Intelligence Service.

From January to March 2000, he joined the Combined Strategic Intelligence Training Program (CSITP), an intelligence course developed by the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). In this three month course, within a class composed of students from different countries and services, he expanded his understanding U.S. intelligence machinery, methods and operations.

Mr Rouiller left the Swiss Intelligence Service in October 2000 in order to join the Office of the Coordinator of Intelligence Services of Ambassador Jacques Pitteloud, as Adviser on Homeland Security (in german, Referent Innere Sicherheit).

The events that lead him to join the Swiss Federal Criminal Police unfolded in late 2001, following the 9/11 attacks. From December 2003 to December 2010, Mr Rouiller created, developed and lead no less than four different counter-terrorism units within the Swiss Federal Criminal Police. In 2011, he created the Geneva Centre for Training and Analysis of Terrorism.

In 2017, Mr Rouiller created the Terrorism Joint Analysis Group at the GCSP, to deliver timely analysis to both the public and private sectors on the global manifestations of terror.