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GCSP Cyber enhances your awareness of threats, facilitates risk management, and aids in the development of a cyber strategy aligned with your organization's goals. Cybersecurity is vital for governments, the private and public sectors, academia, NGOs, and civil societies to maintain trust in their systems, thereby improving effectiveness. Due to rapid and significant technological advancements, the complexity and scope of cyberspace have expanded. Cyberspace has become pervasive, essential to all activities, and crucial for success. However, this ubiquity also introduces significant risks.

The current geopolitical situation with increased complexity, uncertainty, and risk has enabled threat actors to conduct cyber attacks such as ransomware on businesses, hospitals, oil pipelines, food and retail chains, and other critical national providers of digital services. Tackling these challenges requires an understanding that competition and conflict increasingly manifest in and through cyberspace.

 These perspectives and our research shape our view that securing an organisation's cyberspace goes beyond strengthening the technological infrastructure. It includes strengthening leadership and governance, identifying and mitigating risks, and analysing and responding to cyber-attacks. We bring the full spectrum of our local, regional, and global network of expertise to help you in all cyber-related matters, such as executive training and education, cyber crisis management, cyber dialogue, or policy research and analysis. 


What GCSP Cyber Does

Executive Training and Education

  • Cyber Security in the Context of International Security

Our holistic approach to cyberspace as a critical environment for your organisation's activities provides you with the understanding and insights into the importance of securing it. Designed for executives, business leaders, policymakers, military, intelligence and legal experts, as well as diplomats, this training provides deep insights into the importance of security cyberspace. By understanding the threats and risks, you will be equipped with the knowledge, insights, and tools to contribute to or lead the development of comprehensive cyber strategies within your organisational context needed by executives or board members. The training will empower you to influence cyber policies effectively, enhance risk management strategies, and significantly contribute to broader security policy frameworks.

  • Cyber Crisis Management

We provide a comprehensive approach by focusing on equipping boards, executives and teams with the practical knowledge and strategies needed to mitigate cyber risks effectively. Cyber situational awareness helps participants understand the current state of their organisation's cyber environment. In contrast, an overview of the cyber threat landscape provides insights into this evolving field and related attack tactics, techniques, and procedures. Business Continuity Management focuses on delivering knowledge about developing plans and strategies to maintain essential services even during disruption. Finally, the Cyber Simulation exercise provides your team with hands-on, practical experiences responding to cyber incidents and crises.

  • Strategic Advisory

Our advisory services bring a wealth of cyber security knowledge to your fingertips. Whether you're facing specific challenges or seeking to enhance your existing security measures, our advisory team provides tailored insights and recommendations. We conduct thorough assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and offer practical solutions to strengthen your security posture.

Building on this foundation, our strategic consulting assistance guides organisations through cyber security transformations and aligns your security posture with your business objectives. By working closely with your organisation's leadership, we support the development of a comprehensive cyber strategy that is closely aligned with your broader business goals. This strategic approach ensures that your cyber investments are targeted and effective. 

  • Capacity Building

The Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge, organised in collaboration with the Atlantic Council, trains and educates future leaders in cyber policy, dialogue and policy development. It is at the crossroads of geopolitics and cyber, and students develop policy recommendations to tackle a fictional cyber crisis. The competition is unique in requiring student competitors to address a cyber crisis with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

Cyber Dialogue

GCSP Cyber is a dialogue hub that convenes and participates in high-level discussions with international organisations and partners. We bring together cyber experts from the public, private, and civil society to examine current and future global cyber challenges. We facilitate track 1.5 dialogues and expert workshops tackling specific cyber issues (for example, implementing confidence-building measures) in the Middle East, North Africa, China and Europe. 


Cyber Research & Analysis

We continuously monitor the global cyber landscape and contribute to the development of national and international cyber policies. Moreover, we frequently disseminate research and both internal and external policy papers addressing a spectrum of issues, from the employment of offensive operations in cyberspace for cybersecurity purposes to adopting a comprehensive societal approach in organizing such operations. The underlying principle is that by gaining a deep understanding of offensive operations, we can derive insights that inform deterrence and defence strategies, as well as related policies, thereby ensuring, ensuring a safe and secure cyberspace.


Latest publications

  • Huskaj, G. (2024). There is no clear cybersecurity policy. Available at:
  • Huskaj, G., & Axelsson, S. (2023). A whole-of-society approach to organise for offensive cyberspace operations: The case of the smart state Sweden. In Proceedings of the 22nd European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security, 22(1), 592-692.
  • Huskaj, G., & Axelsson, S. (2023). A state-of-the-art of scientific research on disinformation. In Proceedings of the 22nd European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security, 22(1), 602-609.


Our Experts and Advisory Leaders

GCSP Cyber Security has, in addition to our inhouse experts and leaders, an extensive global network with partners and fellows. This collective brings expertise from fields such as cyber policy, threat intelligence, cyber forensics, international law, cryptography, and more.


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