Trends and Implications of Military Robotics

The Context

Recent advances in mechanics and artificial intelligence (AI) have allowed engineers to develop unmanned military robots. These breakthroughs are likely to impact the conduct of warfare in the future. Great powers like the United States, China, and Russia are at the forefront of the competition in military robotics systems. But other military powers such as Israel, Australia, Turkey, and the EU are also significantly investing in this domain.


The Aim of the Project

This research project clarifies the different definitions, and trends of military robotics and explores the most important developments of military robotics at the global and European level. It notably investigates European states’ institutional and structural capabilities to research, develop, and deploy military robotics. By analysing several European countries, the study then compares Switzerland with its peers, in terms of institutional structures and Research and Development (R&D) capacities. These findings are then compiled to better understand the implications in terms of the R&D and deployment of military robotic systems for the Swiss Armed Forces.


The Research Team


tobias Vestner

Tobias Vestner, Director of Research and Policy Advice & Head of Security and Law

Tobias Vestner leads GCSP’s Research and Policy Advice Department as well as the Security and Law Programme. He oversees and manages GCSP’s analysis and advice activities as well as researches and teaches on the intersection between security policy and international law. Tobias Vestner regularly advises governments, international organizations, and private firms on global security and legal issues. He has published several books and articles as well as provided insights to various media outlets, including the U.S. National Public Radio, NBC News, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, and RTS Geopolitis. Read the full bio here

Claude MeierMajor General Claude Meier, Swiss General Officer seconded to the GCSP, DCAF and GICHD

Major General Claude Meier is a Swiss general officer seconded to the Geneva Centres for Peace and Security Policy (GCSP, DCAF and GICHD) as Senior Military Advisor. An accomplished military professional and former Chief of the Armed Forces Staff (2016-2020), he has a background as a fighter pilot. Major General Meier holds degrees in historical methodology (DEA - École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris) and in security policy and crisis management (MAS - ETH Zurich). He supports the work of the three centres by providing advice, representing them at conferences, seminars and workshops, promoting plans and initiatives, and contributing through his expertise in many areas of security, defence and military affairs. He is also active as a course director.

Arthur Lusenti Arthur Lusenti, Junior Professional Officer

Arthur Lusenti is a Junior Professional Officer within the Research and Policy Advice Department at GCSP. His current work focuses on Emerging Disruptive Technologies (EDTs) and their impact on international affairs. Before GCSP, he worked at the Swiss Mission in Taiwan. Arthur also serves in the Swiss Armed Forces. He holds a Master in International Affairs (MIA) from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva and a Bachelor in Political Science from the University of Geneva.



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