GCSP security policy experts weigh in on the Russia-Ukraine war

GCSP security policy experts weigh in on the Russia-Ukraine crisis

GCSP security policy experts weigh in on the Russia-Ukraine war

Last updates: 4 May 2022

On 24 February 2022 Russia put in motion “an offensive against Ukraine” (UN Secretary-General António Guterres). As a result, international tensions are high, and for all of those witnessing the unfolding of events, the protection of civilians is of urgent priority.

The war in Ukraine is a shock to all of us at the GCSP. Russia’s invasion of a sovereign state is a grave violation of international law and of the principles of European security. It has already led to one of the most serious humanitarian disasters of modern times. The consequences of these actions, which are being recorded and presented to a global audience, will be felt for decades and will have wide-ranging ramifications for the international system, including Russia.

We implore decision-makers engaged in this war not to abandon long-agreed norms of international law, which have underpinned international stability.

Now is the time for restraint. Now is the time to commit – in word and deed – to respect universally accepted norms of international humanitarian law, without exception. And now is the time to try once again the path of diplomacy. For the sake of the millions who are now under threat, decision-makers are obliged to urgently explore another option. There are governments and organisations that stand ready to contribute now to a resolution, and can offer a neutral platform to do so.

At the GCSP, we believe it is necessary and urgent to use all available formal and informal channels to re-establish dialogue that can still avert escalation and potential catastrophe. We support all initiatives that can create opportunities to promote peace, security, and stability and will continue to provide safe spaces for dialogue, exchange and education between the like-minded and non-like-minded.


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